Cambridge Stone Carver
There Was a Great Miracle There
The four sides of one 10 X 7.5 cm cube

The Hebrew letters represent the words Miracle, Great, Was and There.

The sculpture was given as a gift to my son and his partner for their baby's birth.

These 4 letters are engraved on spinning tops for children to play with during the week long festival of 'Chanukah' to commemorate the time when the oil in the everlasting lamp in the Temple was only sufficient for one day but, amazingly, a miracle happened and the 1 day's supply of oil lasted 8 days while more oil was being fetched.


'Miracle' = 'nun', pronounced 'u' as in 'u' of 'soot.
'Great' = 'gadol'
'hai' = verb 'to be'...

'Was' (This word 'hai' or 'chai' also represents the word for 'life'.)
The word 'There' is inscribed because it refers to the Jews of the Diaspora, who were not here in Israel but there in the Diaspora!
There' = 'sham' The 'a' is pronounced 'u' as in 'up'.(The letter 'shin' also represents the word for God.)


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